I’m loving work! Being at a job (which I was praying for) where learning about it is fun and you aren’t put down and discouraged when you don’t do something right makes a job worth being there. I love the fact that everyone is so upbeat and can take work serious but have fun doing it. I feel like we have a team that can work well together and except each other for who we are and share things that are on our hearts. They are keeping me busy! I’m on the floor all day assisting the doctors (there are 3 now) and assisting patients with therapy. I’m feeling lead to learn more about therapy and rehab and nutritional therapy. First of all I want to know about rehab so I can help the patients out more when it comes to exercises and therapy that they are preforming. Secondly, I want to know more about nutritional therapy so when we meet someone who is interested in Limu because of a health condition like anemia I can help them understand what their body is lacking and how putting in the nutrients and vitamins your body needs will help. So I’m seeing where the Lord leads when it comes to those to things and hoping if that is His will He will provide the way monetary wise if needed. When we moved up here I wondered if I would rather like getting up early and getting off work early better than I would going in late and getting off late. I think I have decided I’d rather go in early and get off early. Especially now that the time has changed! Three days a week I go in early and get off at lunch. The other two days I go in after lunch and get off at 5:30. I really like having my afternoons. It seems like you I have more time to do stuff when going in late it takes me forever to get going in the mornings.

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