Fun at the dog park…

It was just a beautiful day on Saturday that Kevin and I took Maverick to the dog park here in town. Everyone was there with their dog. I was wondering just how Maverick would do. That was his first time being off the leash around a lot of dogs and I was hesitant at first to let him go. We took his tennis ball hoping to play some. Well, that wasn’t happening. I swear he has ADD or something because his attention span was on sniffing the ground and peeing everywhere. I don’t know how one dog can have so much urine! We would get his attention with the ball, throw it, he would run to get it, pick it up, run a few feet in the other direction and get distracted with a smell. Before leaving he found two little puggles that were playing and was running with them but it didn’t last long. So, anyway, he’s not your average dog when it comes to dog parks but we will try again soon.100_32611100_32631100_3269

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