The Lord heard my cry!

After six weeks the Lord heard my cry.  I was in prayer this morning and was really seeking the Lord about a job and our finances as well as praying for that place where He needs me to be. For them to make the right decisions and be lead. Not only that but I was asking Him to show me that He is here working, that He is here and in control. When first of all I got a phone call from one of the jobs I applied for online. I guess the employer hires someone to take care of narrowing down the resumes and they called me. I’d already gotten two emails. So she asked a few questions then said that she would forward that to the employer and they would contact me from there. So I was in deep prayer about that because that job was a department secretary paying $22 an hour. Nice! Then an hour or so later I got a call from Longo Chiropractic. Now I meet the doctor’s girlfriend at APSU a few weeks ago when we attended a health and fitness expo there with our Limu/BluFrog. She was set up for his office right next to us and we talked as if we’d known each other for years. So within the conversation she said they were thinking about hiring a part time position to assist the doctors because they were getting busy plus she was going to order some BluFrog. Well,  I told her I would come by in a few weeks see how things were going with the BluFrog and drop off my resume. When she called this morning, granted we’ve been emailing back and forth some, I was excited. I went over this afternoon to check everything out. Dr. Longo didn’t even talk to me yet, he looked at me and said hire her. Can you start this afternoon? My mouth dropped. I couldn’t believe it! I said without even talking it over with Kevin, sorry Baby, YES! Everyone who works there is our age and are just outgoing and upbeat. He is a St. Louis Cardinals fan so Kevin already loves him. But because everyone is young I think it will be fun. I will be assisting the doctors by taking off patients from therapy and putting them on if they need me to. It seems like pretty easy work though I’ll be on my feet all day running from one room to another. They have a medical doctor starting on Monday and will be the only chiropractors in town with both chiropractic and medical doctors available in one stop. I haven’t meet him yet but I’m sure I’ll be assisting him as well. I really enjoyed it today helping out and was there until 6:30. I’m excited but not holding my breath just yet because you never know what’s behind those closed doors sometimes. But I didn’t discern anything weird like I did at the last job here and that’s what I was keeping my eye out on.  It’s only part time and making less money than I have in years but it will help out more than nothing right now plus being part time I can still work on our Limu Business which is sort of what I was hoping for since this town is fresh with people who haven’t heard of Limu or BluFrog-hopefully our business will get to booming soon! And that will make up the difference in the time I’m not officially working a 9-5  j.o.b. So with all of that said, God still hears us even when we can’t really feel Him. And if you ask He will show you that He is still here, listening and actively working among us.

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