Visit home…

It was so great being at home over the weekend. If you are reading this and did not get to see me, I’m sorry. It’s so hard getting around to seeing everyone and I don’t like to drop in and then leave. I like to make the visit worth it. It was great being home and then waking up to a 10 inch snowfall. That was a gift in itself. I didn’t get to see everyone at church I hoped to see because of the snow but hopefully the next time we are home it will be beautiful weather. My highlight coming home was probably hanging out in the hot tub with Jennifer, Michelle and Frank while it was sleeting huge pieces of frozen rain and then an hour later turning to snow. That was fun! But for the ones I did get to see it was great!

I did have an interview yesterday with Head Start. Went and had my finger printing done today so hopefully will be hearing something this week no later than first of next week. I think it would be a great opportunity. It’s only an assistant teaching position but since I have my associates they will move me up when an opening comes available. Plus the new law in 2011 is that everyone teaching with Head Start has to have their associates. I’m one step ahead. By 2013 everyone has to have their bachelors so we will see what happens if I get the job and if I have to go back to school granted if I stay there. It’s a seasonal job-I’ll have the summers off! Might be a good thing might not. Will give me the chance to help out at the coffeehouse at church maybe-which would be grande.

We are really getting out Limu and BluFrog name out there. Several catches so hopefully soon that will be helping us get off the ground. It’s just a matter of time and the word spreading and people talking. But we are getting exciting about the progress we have made with it just over the last 2 weeks. So keep praying for success with that because it is our key right now.

Love you all and hope to see some of you soon up here visiting. The weather will hopefully be turning warm soon so come visit us! Lot’s to do and see here!

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