weather, job, church:God’s in control of it all

Thought I would give you all a little update. Still job hunting. I have a few prospects. Our friend April back home, her family lives here and her cousin owns a daycare and said she wanted to talk to me. I’m just waiting on her to return my phone call from yesterday so I can see what exactly she has to offer. She’s getting married next month and will be moving to Smyrna and only coming to Clarksville a few times a week. So I really don’t know how that will work out. I do have a degree, why not use it. Then I got a call yesterday from one of the girls I worked with here. The sweetest lady. We worked wonderful together and she called just to check on me mainly because she was upset and felt bad about the entire situation and wanted to do something to help me since she knew we didn’t really know too many people. She said it was probably a good thing that I got let go because things have gotten worse there. To make a long story short there are issues going on that I think God was just protecting me from. I was discerning some bad things but couldn’t really put my finger on it so I’m thankful that He just wasn’t answering my prayer about moving me somewhere else but He was protecting me from something bad that’s about to go down there.  So to help me out she referred me to another chiropractor here in town that told her family that he had been thinking about hiring someone else. He is very established and word is he is working on opening another office with another doctor. And the great thing-only 6 minutes from the house! Awesome! But if I can thaw my car out from the ice today I’m going to take my resume down there and just see. Her family gave me a good word so hopefully if it’s the Lord’s will they will hear from Him too. The hours seem great-still early morning and I’m NOT a morning person but if I get off early then I can deal with it.  In regards to the weather, the trees are covered here this morning. The electricity went out during the night therefore Kevin was late for work this morning. The roads seem clear but everything is frozen! Church is getting exciting! We started our Marriage Matters series this past Sunday with CPI (Couples Prayer Initiative) where we hand out a 7 day devotional to everyone on Sunday morning that is the same topic that our pastor is preaching on and on the following Sunday everyone who prayed together during the week will enter a drawing where we will give away goodies at the end of the 6 week series. You can go to to listen to those sermons as well as download the devotional too if you want to join in on it with us. We are praying for God’s hand to intervene in marriages here. The divorce court is 6 months behind because of all of the divorces going on here. We are praying that God will begin to re-establish what marriage means and why it matters in a way that those names and numbers on that 6 month waiting list will begin to decrease in such a way that divorce court is no longer needed.  We also started 2 services on Sunday and we were all a little skeptical about the numbers but it ended up being an awesome 2 services. The first service was a little low but we were packed out second service which leaves room for them to go to first service now that they all know. We also started prayer during service in the “upper room” Sunday. We start prayer service on Wednesday night also instead of bible study because numbers have been low there too.  So we have a lot going on and it’s an exciting time. We are staying busy and can’t wait till spring and summer because we are finding stuff to do and can’t wait till warm weather so we can go out and have some fun!


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  1. Susan C. says:

    Hi Carrie! Yikes, you guys did get some ice didn’t you? We were just wet and cold, although I saw a few snow flurries this morning. I know God will work something out for you…although my words are easy to say, I know it is different when you are going through it! I will check out your website on the marriages – we could all use help there, right? I think about you often and I pray for you and Kevin. I felt confident God was sending you to Clarksville with His favor upon you…I still believe that; he is doing a work in you and hang tough and know that you have people from all over who love you both and lift your names up to our precious Lord for financial, physical, spiritual blessings!!! I love you sweetie and I know your going to receive favor from God! Take care and stay warm – Susan C.

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