The weather

It’s very cold here. Getting colder as the day progresses. I hate it! No snow though unfortunately. Hopefully soon this week we will get some. But I’m hoping for a lot of snow. A lot! Poor Maverick outside has no heat. Kevin went out last Thursday night to feed him and noticed that his heat lamp wasn’t on so he wiggled it. Well, when he wiggled it here went a flame. So all I hear are leaves rustling outside and “where’s the fire extinguisher?!” So I ran outside with him and poor Maverick he’s shaking, not sure if it was fear or cold but Kevin put the fire out in the dog house and I laid a blanket outside of Maverick for the night knowing he wouldn’t crawl into that smokey, stinky dog house. At least I wouldn’t. So anyway. Kevin hasn’t had time to rewire it but he’ll be okay even though it’s going to be in the teens this week. That was our excitement for last week.

Thank you LifeSong Family Life Group coming to see us on Sunday. It was refreshing to see familiar faces and a joy for people to make the venture up to see us. Hope you come again soon, when it’s warmer and of course there are no football games so you don’t have to rush off so soon.

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One Response to The weather

  1. Susan Chilton says:

    It is really cold here too! I think I should be living in a warmer climate…I know we are considered the south, but I need more south!
    Hope things are going well…we are having some pretty awesome Tues. night Prayer services; I thank God that you were obedient and prepared the way before us and I pray He will blow the doors off your new church with revival fire! Love ya! Susan

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