Well, considering I was sick on my birthday and I had a horrible day at work there were two things that made it absolutely wonderful. First of all the birthday card with a gift card to Star Bucks (you can never go wrong with Star Bucks) from my brother Chris was the best because he self address it himself and signed the card all himself.  Meaning that no one reminded him of my birthday and no one did it for him. I cried knowing that my brother thought about my birthday all by himself. (Don’t burst my bubble anyone if this is not true and you know it!) Then Kevin bought me my all time favorite, a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. yummy! And best of all I get to eat the whole thing all by myself! yummy! Watch out hips is what my grannie would say. Oh, well.  So anyway. All in all it was another wonderful birthday. I got to celebrate early with my parents coming up last weekend with my mom’s best ever BBQ ribs and then Carla and Robert spending the weekend with us as well. Thank you Carla for the hat! And this weekend we top it all off with our lifegroup and Sunday School class from LifeSong coming to visit tomorrow. That’s going to be great and we can’t wait to see everyone!

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2 Responses to Birthday!

  1. pamela says:

    well, i am glad you had a good birthday! miss you guys but this family blog is great at keeping everyone in touch. i really enjoy getting to see what God is doing in ya’lls life!

  2. Susan Chilton says:

    Happy Birthday, sweetie! Hope things are booming at your new church. I’m so excited with what the Lord is doing and will be doing here in Lewisburg. Love ya and hope you have a blessed week! Susan

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