Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Well, Kevin and I went home on Wednesday afternoon and came back to Clarksville on Saturday evening. We went thinking of rest! Not! We got home late Wednesday evening-just in time for supper-thanks mom.  Thursday we slept late and headed off to my brothers for Christmas lunch with my sister-in-laws family. Then my dad and I took my grandparents some left overs for supper. Enjoyed seeing them for a few hours since I haven’t seen them since Thanksgiving. I so miss it over there. It’s my Peace Land and Home Away from Home over there and I love it! And one day will have my own home over there Lord willing. Thursday evening my mom cooked Christmas dinner (breakfast-yummy) for us kids. And we opened a few gifts. On Friday we had to go over to my grandparents and cut up a tree that fell during the storm. We began burning the brush and what do ya know the other tree caught on fire. My dad was scared to let it burn that it might catch something else on fire so we had to cut it down too. What work! So two trees and a big pile of wood and burning brush took all day on Friday. By 3 in the afternoon my dad and I were out in the shop changing the oil in my car as well as brake pads. Good reason to come home!  By 6 Kevin and I were on our way to Columbia to meet Carla and Robert for dinner and a movie. Thanks guys for hanging out with us! Back in bed after midnight and up early on Saturday morning to get ready to go back to my grandparents for Christmas lunch with that family. I helped my grandmother make the best dressing in the whole world! She’s taught me her recipe that no one else knows how to do except me and this year I mastered it! Everyone said mine was better. Thanks Grandmomma! The tradition shall be carried on! Now if I can just master her world famous chocolate pie I’ll be the next Paula Dean! We left there about 3 to head back north but first we had to stop by Kevin’s mom’s to see his brother and tell him bye. He’s in from Washington state right now and will be heading over to Iraq in a few weeks to work again. We got home about 5. Long enough to unpack bags and feed the animals until leaving again to eat supper at the mall and head over to Pastor’s house to watch UFC until midnight. So run and work is mostly all we did. Forgive us if we didn’t get a chance to see you while we were home. We try to see someone different besides family each time we come home. It’ll probably be a few weeks before we get home again because we are so tired of running. I think my parents are coming up this Saturday for my birthday rib supper and Carla and Robert are spending the night with us on Saturday and going to church with us on Sunday. Can’t wait for that! So anyway…hope everyone was blessed with many Christmas blessings and many more in the coming New Year. Love you all and miss each one of you.

By the way, thanks mom for the sore throat! I never touched you and still got it. Fight immune system fight!

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