The Promise Land

sany01301100_3083100_3098Well, for our dedication and commitment our pastor took all of the leaders and their spouses to The Promise Land Ranch Resort this weekend. It was so beautiful and peaceful there. In the tranquil hills of Charlotte, Tn about 30 minutes south of Clarksville in Dickson County. It’s a very beautiful house with several bedrooms and a guest house on over 300 acres of  land. We got there late Friday night. Had a wonderful supper and then we had a short devotional in the Upper Room. We stayed up until after midnight playing pool and talking. Saturday we awoke with the smell of bacon and coffee then headed back up to the Upper Room for a short devo again and a discussion about the vision for 2009. Then some headed outside to ride horses for a little while.  I jumped on the Polaris with one of the guys who takes care of the place and he road me around part of the 300 acres. Let’s just say…freezing yet beautiful! They were so humbling and friendly there. People who you can sit and talk with all day the first day you meet them. Kevin and I feel in love with them because they rodeo and ranch and farm and it really felt like back home riding around on the Polaris.  Not too mention when I told them I was from Cornersville they said the were just there a few weeks ago visiting friends down at LairdLand Farms. Funny! It’s so weird finding people up here that know where our small town is and have been to it! We really had a good restful time and felt honored to be treated like that from our pastor. He is dedicated to putting time and honor in his leadership team and that makes us feel like we are really meant for something. That someone actually notices our love for Christ and what we are called to do and how much we dedicate our lives to serving. And for him to take the time to show us for the weekend. To invest in the time and money just for us and for someone to acknowledge that as well as give you something back in return truely means a lot and makes you want to do even more-not to get something back in return but it’s encouraging to know that you are noticed. We felt sort of bad going since we have only been in leadership a month but John insisted since we took a step of faith and obedience in moving up here that he wanted us to experience it. And it meant a lot in many ways. To get to know our leadership team on a personal basis as well as just kick our feet up and relax was great. Can’t wait to see what John’s going to have up his sleeve for next year. Ha!

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