Everyone is welcome

Well, this was an exciting weekend. Kevin and I stayed in Charlotte, Tn Friday night with our leadership team from church. Then we rushed home after lunch on Saturday to meet Jennifer at the church. We were suppose to have a women’s meeting but we didn’t so we hung out all afternoon shopping at the mall. Then I took her down to the Blue Note Coffee to listen to some music and eat a good sandwich with some good coffee. We really enjoyed her company this weekend and look forward to everyone else coming up to visit. Hopefully we didn’t bore her to much considering Sunday after church we came home and took a nap. Sorry Jen that we didn’t take you to see the ligths at the river. We completely forgot.  Our Sundays are now spent sleeping usually on the couch after a nice warm lunch after church. We don’t get home till nearly 2 or after and then with no where to be, which we are loving, we just come home and be lazy for a change. It’s really nice!carrie-and-jen So, whenever anyone is ready to come visit just let us know. Hopefully we won’t bore you too bad. And when it gets a little warmer too we will be able to show you more around town.  And hopefully I’ll have the extra bed here by then so you won’t have to do like Jennifer and sleep on the air mattress that leaks. haha.

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One Response to Everyone is welcome

  1. Jennifer says:

    I had a great time and it wasnt boring at all! Good luck for whoever gets that air mattress next 🙂

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