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beautiful generations

Popes100_30052100_2995Boatright 4 generations

Well, I thought I’d check in with everyone. We went home this weekend for 2 days for Thanksgiving and we had Christmas at my Uncle Larry’s for the Pope side. That was fun. Missed some cousins that weren’t there but hopefully we will see them soon. I got to see my new neice and she is the most precious most beautiful baby. Kevin got snagged into holding her. He didn’t have a choice. heeeheee.

Work for the both of us is work. We both hate our jobs. Love the people but hate the work. Ministry is on our hearts so bad to do fulltime but there’s no way right now. I’m putting in extremely long days. Longer than I like. But hopefully the check at the end of the week will be good. Hopefully. Kevin hates me getting off so late not to mention I’m beat when I get home and hate getting up early in the mornings. I’m NOT  a morning person!

Tonight Kevin went down to Nashville to support our pastor who was preaching at a men’s gathering. He just texted me and told me he’s been talking to Brad Stine for 20 minutes! Who is Brad Stine? Google him. He is the funniest christian comedian ever! Our pastor apparently is very close friends with him.  So cool!

Kevin is singing at the Blue Note Coffee and Bagel Company Monday night for their grande opening. The owner is one of our elders at church and to kick off the night they are doing a praise and worship night and asked Kevin and some of the band members (only a drummer right now) to play.

We kick off a.m. prayer at the church Sunday morning before service. I’m excited about what the Lord is about to do with that. We have some ideas we are putting in place soon. Pastor John really wants me to get that going.

We will be back home on December the 19 and 20 for Kevin’s family Christmas on both sides. Not sure yet when my family’s is but we will probably be home around Christmas day or that weekend. I don’t know yet.  So until then love you all and will talk to you soon.

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