Here we go to work again…

Well, yesterday I started at Harris Chiropractic. I wasn’t suppose to go in for training until today because they were suppose to be closed due to going out of town. They decided not to go so we went on in. Probably a good thing. Did a little training and then went in today and they let me jump on in because I told them I wasn’t going to learn anything just sitting around talking and observing. I wanted to work. So I thought. We had those busy times today and a lot is different than what I am used to so it’s definitely going to take some getting use to it before I’m able to move through with breeze and ease. I’m getting it down though. There’s still a few things I don’t completely understand or am comfortable with yet. I just hope I can prove myself to them and show them what I do know from 4 1/2 years of experience. Right now I don’t feel I’m impressing anyone. I feel like I’m a hindrance and in the way all the time. They are in a time of transitioning to a new system so when we get that up and running and we get familiar with it and all the patients into it I don’t think it will be a problem. It’s just very overwhelming right now and I just pray I can remember everything and find the wisdom I need to do this job as sufficiently and effectively as I did at Lewisburg Chiropractic. Things were so easy there when I left because I was so familiar with things but here I wonder if I’ll ever get to that point. I enjoyed being home last week but got tired of being here and wanted to do something. Now that I am working I’d rather be home on my own time. Ministry is what is on our hearts to do full time but right now we just can’t. Not at least both of us. Maybe one day.

On another note, my brother and his wife had a baby girl today. Bonnie Claire Boatright. I can’t wait to see her. It sucks that I’m not going to be able to be around as often as I was with my Joe Joe, so I don’t expect her to be as close to me as Joe is. I miss him terribly now, but he is old enough now he can come stay with me for several days (he’d have fun at the gym at church with the martial arts kids).  So, we will see them this weekend and I will for sure have pictures of her up on here next week.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be blessed! And be thankful!

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