a BIG thank you!


sweet goodbyes


Sweet Goodbyes


We love you

I just wanted to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported us in our move to Clarksville. Everyone that came to Jodi and Jonathan’s to wish us goodbye. And thank you to Jodi and Jonathan for making that happen. That meant a lot to us spending another night with our closest friends. And thank you to everyone at LifeSong for making Sunday so special and really showing us what love of your church family really is. It was an emotional day but one that we will never forget because God showed us just how He uses the willing and how much He loves us through His children. A HUGE THANK YOU to Don and Becky and everyone in lifegroup. That night was awesome and to have the prayers of the righteous lifted up over us on Sunday morning as well as Sunday evening at lifegroup was unspeakable.  Everyone of you will always be family and have a place in our hearts and LifeSong will always be our home. Many of you know us better than we know ourselves and to leave that was hard-though we still have phones and computers you’ll still be the ones to know us better than we know ourselves. Again thank you for all the support and the continued love and prayers as we walk this journey out with our Lord. We love you all and will see you soon. You are welcome to come and see us whenever you’d like. 🙂

Just a little update on the new job at Harris Chiropractic Clinic…Dr. Harris called this morning and asked me to come in on Monday morning at 8 am. They were planning on visiting family out of state but had a change of plans so he wants to get the training started a little earlier to get me comfortable and take over the front office. He is very determined to get that front desk going with me, and that’s encouragement in itself. So I’ll be training all day on Monday and probably Tuesday. What he told me as far as pay I’ll be making what I was in Lewisburg based on a 40 hour a week here. So that works for me for now.

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