Excitement + Freaking out = new job

Just wanted everyone to know that Dr. Harris called today and asked me to come in and do some shadowing and then sit and talk. So I did. I got the job apparently. They asked me to come back Tuesday morning to begin training. And a lot of training I’m going to have to do. They encourage education, which is good. Training once a week anyway and then they travel through the year to seminars around the continent. Yes, I said continent. Toronto is next on their list for next year I think. It’s a little unorganized and discombobulated (I love that word!) right now because they are switching over to a system to go all paperless. Which is exciting but stressful. They do things a little differently than what I am used to but I should get the hang of it pretty fast.  By they way he talks His goals for me right now are to take over the front. That’s cool with me. I can handle that. That’s what I wanted it’s just going to take me a few weeks to get used to it before I can do it on my own. Bigger town means more technology and things that I’ve never seen before. Heard of but never seen or done. So this should be interesting and will give me a good looking resume for the future hopefully! So after Tuesday we will see how things go from there, but this should be very interesting.

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