The waiting game continues…

Well, I went today for the basic skills test at Harris Chiropractic Clinic. I wondered way I was so nervous this morning when I got up. The whole test was timed and though it was short it was rough. You know how long it has been since I’ve done 3 digit numbers adding them, subtracting them, multiplying them and dividing them in my head. I’m sure if they are hiring me based on my math skills, I flunked! Pretty sure of it! And who is going to sit down while at work with 60 patients during the day and write out a math problem when there is a calculator right next to you. Not I. Then I had to master a 10 key calcualtor. Flunked that one too! It had one of those buttons on there with the 00. Nope. Not this hand. Especially when I’m not used to that calculator and you only give me one minute to add and subject about 20 long numbers at one time. Flunked it! And she asked me and I told her why. The typing skills, I’m confindent I aced that one. Putting letters in alphabetical order-aced that one pretty certain. So if they want to not hire me based on my math skills I’m cool with that. But she said they would all talk about it and then get  back with me with in a day or two. So now I’m still waiting. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day once again. I hate this waiting game. And if they don’t hire me then I’ve wasted about 2 days finding something else. Yet it has been wonderful staying at home and organizing and cleaning and straighting things and having supper almost ready when Kevin gets home. We don’t have t.v. so the night gets very long with not too much to do and by then Kevin and I are both so tired we don’t want to unpack another box. So we just sit on the couch, play on the internet and read a little. Guess right now I can work on the Christmas Tree Skrit I’ve been sewing on for 5 years or more now. Maybe I can get that finished soon.

Kevin is liking work. It’s exterminating though but the environment is very nice. The people are very nice. He is riding with someone this week but next week he will be on his own. Thankfully he does have a GPS in the truck so that’s a little sweat off his brow of nervouness.

Got some pictures hung up last night, so it’s beginning to feel like home now. Still some boxes to unpack and stuff to carry outside to the shed. We’re getting there….

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