The official move…

The moving process...

The moving process...

We got everything moved up to our new home on Friday evening. Left Lewisburg about 4 pm and got there about 6 due to a wreck on I24. When we got to the house we had about 4 people from the church there waiting on us to unload the truck. We were unloaded in an hour and half! Granted I have no clue where anything is right now but that’s okay. It’s moved and there and we will make it work as we go. My parents helped us Saturday get the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room functional and the living room livable. We have our bed put together and my clothes in the closet but that’s about it. The house is perfect for a renter and it was what we were asking for. It needs some tlc and we will be the best tenants ever! Well, thank you to everyone who helped us get loaded up in the u-haul and a big thank you to everyone at church who gave us a wonderful farewell on Saturday night and at church on Sunday. Though Sunday was very emotional we saw just how much we are loved, and how we have impacted peoples life. You don’t know how you have actually helped people until God decides to move you. So, right now, Kevin is in Clarksville with our cat, Isabella, enjoying time together. Trying to get the house in order and take care of some business while he is off. I’m finishing up my last week of work and have an interview on Friday evening at a chiropractors in Clarksville. Funny story about that and how God works. Two weeks ago I faxed my resume to just about every chirpractor in Clarksville. So last week I decided to call them-Kevin’s advice- and see if they were hiring. The last one I spoke to really wanted my resume and asked me to fax it. I went back to work after lunch, faxed it, and in a matter of about 5 minutes got a voicemail from a chiropractor really wanting to speak with me. I thought it was the one I had just spoken to. Not. It was one that I had left a message with on the answering machine. So I called her back. Long story short, she wanted to meet on Saturday but our schedules just wasn’t working out so I’m heading up on Friday. So, we will see. This is very exciting adventure and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do once we get settled in and really start getting our life together there!

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