Almost a reality…

Well, up to Clarksville we went this weekend, November 1, 2008. Kevin had an interview on Saturday with Ortex Exterminating. He got it! Then the pastor found us a house, and we got it for what we could afford and will be saving some money too which is good. Plus it’s fenced in in the back for my Maverick, it’s 3 bedroom which we were needing, and it’s in a pretty good neighborhood very close to the church. Right now if everything plans out like we are praying this week we will move everything up on Friday granted if Kevin gets to finish out this week as his last week at work, get some things turned on and settled in Friday and Saturday, come home Saturday night and spend the night with my parents so we can tell our church bye on Sunday. I will move in with my parents for a few weeks to finish out my 2-3 weeks at work while Kevin works up there and I will go up on weekends to get things straightened up. And hopefully I will have a job nailed down by then. If not I will probably stick around here a little bit longer than I would like too 4 days a week until we can see how we can make it up there with the amount of money Kevin will be bringing home. So, right now God’s timing is perfect though our flesh thinks it’s last minute of course. But it’s exciting none the less. The fear is slowly wearing off and the excitement is getting a little stronger.

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