Not in control any more…

Wow, I never expected the ones we love opposing our decision to follow the Lord. Can we just get a few more to be excited with us?! Sure we are scared and at time questions our decision, well question God more than ourselves. And yes, we know He could still shut this door which we feel He has opened and I pray if we have been mislead by our own emotions thinking that it is God that He will shut this door before we  get too far north. But I’ve come to the peace which God put in my spirit yesterday that He has too move me in order for others to step up. He has to move us in order for us to grow closer spiritually as individuals and in our marriage. It is now the time that I am letting go of the plans that I had for my life. I’m now losing control of everything I thought I had control of. Letting go of the plans that I had of starting a family and raising my children in the same town I was raised in not really wanting any more for them than I had except the comfort of a small town in the country. I’m letting go of the plans I had to build a house on my grandparents land in a few years, though I pray that still happens one day because that is my heaven here on earth over there and God put that desire and peace in my heart and will be glorified by it sooner or later. I’m losing control of what I thought was putting our house up for sale in order to buy something a little more spacey close to home. Now God is in total control and I’m scared to death, but have all the faith that He knows what He is doing even though my hands are off the situation. Losing control and letting go of plans we make in our lives is the hardest part of our human nature and I believe God understands that because He made it this way. It’s just the hardest thing ever to do!

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