Wondering why?

Well, God is good is all I can say. We’ve been wondering why God sold our house so fast and why He wouldn’t let us get to Colorado Springs. Kevin got a call last week from a church in Clarksville that is in need of a worship leader. Never meet the pastor. I have once at a prayer conference I attended with the National Day of Prayer State Coordinator at his church, Xtreme Ministries and happend to give him a business card 3 months ago if he ever needed a fill in worship leader. Thought we’d never hear from him again. And he finds our card and calls because they are still in need of a worship leader. It’s funny how things pan out sometimes. We prayed all week about this so we took the trip up there to meet the church, see the town and what they have to offer us. Our prayer the last year has been “Lord, send us, we will go.” We counseled with our leaders before heading up and prayed God’s voice would be loud and clear and if it wasn’t His will that we see the red flags of the road blocks. Kevin was told to just come up and relax but took his guitar anyway. He ended up leading worship today because the worship leader there had truck problems and couldn’t get with the band to practice and it was all God because we and the pastor didn’t want to drag this decision out any longer. The church engaged in worship like never before and everyone loved us and we felt like we fit even though we felt like we were more traditional there than they are. Which is weird. It is a totally different environment up there, but the church and pastor are on a level that our hearts have been desiring for awhile. They are extreme to say the least and the church will definitely stretch our faith in a way like never before. They have a mixed martial arts ministry in the back of their church where they teach boxing, etc to people in the community and to the military there. So we get to work out too! To make the long story short, we are moving to Clarksville within the next month if the Lord is willing to provide us a job and a house soon. We have to be out of our house by November 7th so we’ll either move by then or we will travel back and forth until we find a job. Keep us in your prayers and know that for those who we love and are close to here at home-we are only 1.5 hours a way and you can come visit any time! And we will stay in contact here so don’t think we won’t because you all will always be in our hearts. This is still home and our family is still here and always will be here.

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