In the beginning…

Well, some of you know already. We put our house up on the market on September 20 and we sold it on October 6. We have 30 days to move out! We close on November 7 and will hopefully have a house to move into that we can call ours on that day as well. I don’t remember house searching being so stressful. 16 days on the market and we got what we were asking. Unheard of right now with the economy like it is. We went yesterday and looked at 5-6 houses. We narrowed it down to 2 and couldn’t agree. So we started by placing an offer on a house down in CornTown today. They have until 8pm tomorrow night to let us know something. Hopefully this house will work out. It just seems more convenient being in Cornersville since all my family is there, Kevin wants to raise a family there since that is where he grew up as well as I and we love the schools and the daycares there, plus Kevin loves being on the volunteer fire department with my brother. I think he misses that. If that house doesn’t work out we go to house 2 in Belfast, which was a little roomier and newer too. Counting down the days and I now have flat boxes sitting in my living room floor waiting to be put together and filled to the brim with stuff. We got our 100% loan, which is wonderful, but we have to close on our house first to have proof that we have it paid off before we can close on a new one. So we are planning on doing this all in one day if the Lord allows us to find a home in our price range at the right time. If this happens like we are hoping then we will be moving the same day we close on both. Therefore just about everything has to be packed up and in a trailer and truck that day. Yuck and Yuck! If anyone wants to come help come on over. You might get a supper in return as soon as we get settled in and who isn’t up for free home cooked food?! This is very exciting but yet very stressful and I don’t remember being so stressed the last time. But I wasn’t the one having to look for somewhere to live within 30 days either. Yet, we knew this would happen this way and we will be okay. I still can’t believe all this is happening and we are leaving this cozy little house of ours we have called home for 2 1/2 years. But life goes on and life expands and things change I guess.

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